The Royal Feast – Wazwan

Amidst cold weather, an unrevealed warmth wraps you gently and that is why people like to visit the place over and over. This is the warmest place on earth.


Summer without Shakes is not happening!

With the temperature soaring high it’s important that you should keep yourself hydrated in every possible way. Thirst will be a continuous problem and while you quench your thirst with just water, think again you can do it in a more slurpy way. And the best way to detox is to have tasty yummy juices,…

I love basking in the ancient ruins, tales and things…

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Since childhood like any other kid, I too loved listening to stories. I remember my grandma used to narrate stories every day after lunch. The stories usually contained gods-goddesses and their triumphs over evil but once a while on a very nostalgic moment she used to tell stories of…

Come monsoon, come deliciousness!

Kolkata is one of the major gastronomic cities of India. Come monsoon and the city find one more reason to begin feasting. Even though the city on a rainy day is not so delightful still people love to gorge on street food with a hot cup of tea. Food and rain go hand in hand for Bengalis, traditional recipes are one of the best here in Kolkata and to start off with is Kati Roll.


Bengalis are very fond of fast food. They drool over fried and spicy food. And when you’re starting to think which street snack you should taste first, here is an idea, try the fabulous and yummilicious Televaja (fried food) of Bengal accompanied with Muri (puffed rice) and Tea. This is the most awesome and wholesome combination which is loved by all.