First food, Fast food!

Food the only reason for which we are surviving and everything revolving. Food has so much power that it can unite, divide, kill, save and entertain largely. No matter what happens, without food survival is difficult. And good food always brings the good mood.

When we start talking about food, many things comes into our mind at once. Considering our world and its varied regions with culture and food habits, it is very interesting to note that spices and flavours have the command to ignite a lot of things. Each region has its own flavour and thereby exploring them will take more than a lifetime.

Thankfully, I am here just exploring street food or finger food which is an instant mood lifter. I don’t want to discriminate among nations as every food is singularly tasty and sumptuous. I adore each uniquely but being an Indian and a Bengali, here I would first like to talk and share insight about the street food culture of Bengal as a whole.

Bengalis are foodie people; they love to pamper their taste buds with different tastes. Their meal courses are large and varied but here I will talk about their snacks or time pass food. Well, some of the Bengali finger foods are very famous and loved by all. They have even gained national and international position, yet there are lots to be discovered and add to your food bucket.

Nevertheless, stay tuned for more food excitement here on this blog. I will share my knowledge about different genres of street food. Get up now, we have to binge on snacking!

Foodies, you are my inspiration and support!

Keep supporting, keep eating.



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