Bengalis are very fond of fast food. They drool over fried and spicy food. And when you’re starting to think which street snack you should taste first, here is an idea, try the fabulous and yummilicious Televaja (fried food) of Bengal accompanied with Muri (puffed rice) and Tea. This is the most awesome and wholesome combination which is loved by all. Kolkata captures the major part of fried food lovers and to mention it has many famous shops just for this mouthwatering Televaja.

Every afternoon hundreds of fried food sellers are seen across the Kolkata city. People have it as a snack or to grab a quick bite. The choices are varied but Alur Chop (Spicy Potato Fritters), Beguni (Fried Battered Brinjal) and Peyaji (Fried Onion Balls) have taken the special place in the heart of Televaja lovers.

Across the city, many famous shops have created and earned their speciality in Televaja. Among them, north Kolkata has excelled exceptionally. Well -known shops like Kalika, Bonophool, Annapurna, Shanker are some of the famous shops. Alur chop is the most wanted evening delights for all Bengalis while they indulge in after office adda (friends circle).

Visit any small roadside sellers and treat yourself with different types of pakoras, egg devil, fuluri, alur chop, beguni and many more. The enticing smell of freshly fried chop and to give a final touch with sprinkled rock-salt is something heavenly. Grab a bite of chop with muri and cha, then stroll the city Kolkata as it will unfold many unknown stories to you.

Happy snacking!


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