Come monsoon, come deliciousness!

As monsoon strikes all over India, it’s time for some lip-smacking food to escalate the temperature bit more. Monsoon is the season for all kinds of deliciousness. From snacks to full course meal, you can devour on anything. It is in this season that Illish Mach (Hilsa Fish) is savoured greatly. Bengalis drool with various types of Illish preparation such as Illish Bhapa, Paturi, Jhol…so many to name. Apart from this, there are other delicacies which are sure to steal your heart.

But here you will know about tasty monsoon snacks, especially from the streets of Kolkata.

Monsoon is the time for pakoras, fried foods and chaats but there are plenty which you must add to your palette right now. In my last blog, I have told you how people of Kolkata binge on telebhaja and monsoon being the best season to go with telebhaja, muri, cha and longs hours of adda.

Here let’s taste other snacks which are equally splendid.

Kolkata is one of the major gastronomic cities of India. Come monsoon and the city find one more reason to begin feasting. Even though the city on a rainy day is not so delightful still people love to gorge on street food with a hot cup of tea. Food and rain go hand in hand for Bengalis, traditional recipes are one of the best here in Kolkata and to start off with is Kati Roll. In every street, nukkad and gully you will find shops selling rolls. It is the most consumed food, easy to eat, cheaper in price and very tasty. Starting from Veg roll the menu has extended creatively to Double Egg-Chicken-Mutton Keema Roll.

Trust me it is the most delicious snack on earth. You will not get enough of it but one will make you so full that you end up skipping meals.

On a rainy day when people are huddling inside shades, umbrellas and complaining about puddles and other disasters, this quintessential roll adds more spice and also solace to the heart and tongue. If you still have not tried it, then it is a sin staying away from this savoury. Visit any shop or famous Hot-Kathi Roll shop in Park Street, Nizam, Lazeez and many more to have a bite. The succulent meat with fluffy omelette wrapped inside the soft parantha is a treat dipped in various sauces and spices. Just one bite of this and you will immediately reach to a divine land.

Come on, grab your umbrella and your slippers and walk around the city while giving your taste buds a heavenly treat of Kathi Rolls.

Happy snacking!


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