How to lift your mood in no time…

Sometimes it so happens that, you’re upset for no reason. You feel empty, hollow inside you and there’s nothing in this world interests you anymore. You slip into depression and this need cure.

Everyone once in a life has gone through this, very common yet extremely dangerous. There are many ways one can resolve it, meditation comes handy, music, movies, books, travelling but something that will cure you inside-out and will leave an everlasting impression – Food!

“Good food is good mood”, there is no second thought about this phrase. Food is something that will lift your mood instantly, tantalise your taste buds and cure your depression completely. The aroma, the taste of spices and delicious sight of the food work as magic. This has never failed and it is an old therapy used across the globe.

Now, coming to food and its usefulness. In a desperate time, you need desperate measures so whenever you’re down or feel low try having a quick snack that will lift your mood right away. Snack helps a lot in boosting your mood. The spicy tasty snacks will vanish all your blues and Bengali snacks is the best remedy.

A hot bowl of Ujjwala Chanachur (Masala mixed chickpeas and other ingredients) with a cup of tea is an unbeatable pair. If you’re for something more exciting you can also try Jhalmuri (Masala puffed rice), Aloo-kabli (Spicy mixture of potatoes, onion, tomato, cucumber and etc.), Ghoti-gorom (Hot spicy chickpea mix), Ghugni (Spicy cooked peas), Shingara (Fried masla potato fritters) and of course Telebhaja which specially includes Dimer Devil (Egg Devil).  Spend not more than 50 rupees and see the change in yourself in a blink of an eye.

The deliciousness will take you to places where you will unfold mysteries and that will transform you into a new person. I suggest you take this appetizing tour and explore more avenues. After all, it is the cheapest therapy that will resolve your problem and help you start afresh!

Happy snacking!



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