Year is ending! Are you still fooding?!

2016 is ending, only few days left and I know, I’ve been a lazy bum all through. First my sincere apologies as I was so detached from all of you. Time is the best teacher and believe me it has the power to turn everything upside down, you’ve planned so far. Just the moment you’re thinking to make a path breaking revelation, suddenly you’ll realise that the walls of your home has fallen apart. And running back to the same chores is way too difficult as that course have already changed.

Nevertheless, life will go on and you’ve the time to live. Hence, live with full throttle! On this note let’s discuss something sweet. It is always delicious and I know the pain of all you sweet tooth people, heads up- here are few yummy sweet-nothings for you especially and bit for others to end this year on a sweet note!

December means winter, fun, fresh fruits, cakes, lights, hot coffee and lots of happiness. When you walk around the streets, the smell of warm cake will sure to bring back some old memories. And to cherish those memories, you will visit the shop or probably have a bite of your favourite Caramel or Blueberry.

Street food is so much fun, the alluring smell and amazing sight of the food will sure to arrest your heart. Come, let’s explore some of the best of December street delicacies.

Starting with Kolkata, my loved city, winter here comes with lots of Pithe (Dimsum cake) and Payesh. Notun gurer Sandesh (Sweet made of Jaggery), Kora paker Sandesh and ofcourse Gurer Roshogolla are the ones which is loved by all. Every street of Kolkata is fuming with all these delectable sweets to welcome you during this winter. And every house is preparing all sorts of mouth-watering Pithas to celebrate this beautiful weather.


Among Pithas you can try Gokul pithe, Dudh Puli, Patisepta and to accompany we have Payesh (Rice Pudding) and ensemble palate which you will not miss! Another best thing about winter is that no matter how much you eat, you don’t need to think about your digestion and fatness…ha ha ha!! Cover it with fancy sweaters, jackets and pullovers! Thus, get going and gorge on all these deliciousness without thinking twice!


Happy gastronomy!


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