Gourmet voyage!

Life is a train and each station is a reward of the journey. Let’s take it literally, the fun of train journey is not just being on the move but much more. Starting from preparation till the destination is reached there is an excitement for the whole event.

The moment you book your tickets, automatically a sense of happiness engross you. And when you start packing your mind have already started wandering. Some people carry their world in the bags and some likes to pick up its and bits and connect their world. The day has arrived for your journey, your heart is fluttering and a gush of emotion is roaming all over you.

Different people have different perspectives about train journeys but everyone enjoys it no matter what. For foodies, the train journey is a bliss. I know a lot of you will agree with me, even those who are eagerly conscious about the food they also enjoy the cheat day. Of course, we all know about the hygiene but who cares as long as you’re eating and having fun!


You will always prepare a tasty meal for your train ride. It’s like having a potluck lunch or dinner where everyone brings something of their own. You board the train, take your favourite seat and an instant smile of relief on your face. I personally prefer the window seats and side berth by the lane. Its best, as you can enjoy double windows and be on your own. The train has started moving and food vendors have entered, shouting in their unique voices.

Let’s start with tea, it’s not the same as your home but it has something unknowing and you love it. Then comes the Jhalmuri or Masala Muri, a mandatory food which you must have on your journey. The aroma of the spices and chutneys will arrest your heart immediately and you can’t stop yourself from buying a packet or two. With every occasional stop, you wonder for something extraordinary, in my case its food.

Now you’ve settled comfortably and enjoying your journey. Relaxing with music and books, suddenly your eyes get fixated on the coming bucket. It’s the yummilicious Masala chana and just for Rs. 5, you get a bowlful. While you’re chomping the tasty by spoonful another aroma catches your attention, fresh lemon soda or Fatash jol or Banta soda, you name it but have it anyway. With another round of tea and some locally baked cookies, you’re done for the night. It’s time for the ultimate home cooked dinner which you dare not miss.

At night train journey becomes mysterious and the view outside the window is mesmerising. The night preparation begins and as soon as the lights are switched off a magical world evolves. Some people prefer to sleep while few do not risk any moment to miss the view.


What could be more blissful, watching the rising sun from your window seat and sipping a hot cup of tea! Everything is calm and cool, it’s just you with the moving train. The train stopped and much-awaited breakfast is at your disposal, Aloo-Puri or Toast-Omelette or simply boiled eggs and butter buns, have it with a cup of tea or coffee.

Your destination is near, it’s time for wrap up. After you’ve arranged everything, have another round of tea and along with hot peanuts. The train reached your destination and thus it’s an end of the fun-filled unforgettable food journey. Like a ritual, you must have another round of tea with samosaas at the station and then head towards your way!



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