A place where you will have love at first bite!!

When you want something lip smacking spicy, Nando’s is the first name that comes to your mind. A name that is synonymous to an array of delectable chicken based cuisines. Its unique recipes goes back to almost 30 years where two gentlemen sitting in South Africa created this awesome Peri-Peri Chicken and of course the Peri-Peri sauces. Coming back to present day, Nando’s has already earned its position in peoples heart and now they are operating 1000 outlets in 30 countries. India being one of them and Delhi plays an important part.
Yesterday I went to Nando’s, Punjabi Bagh outlet and it was an absolute privilege to be present and dine there. The crowd was mostly young and also young-adults who were enjoying their food, the ambience and Nando’s pleasurable reception. The ambience totally reflects South African culture. The art, decor and music all are from native South Africa. The songs are so delightful that it is making the ambience more enjoyable. Very spacious and beautifully done wall art which will catch your eye instantly.
Each member of the restaurant were very polite and looks after you very well, even suggesting you the food according to your desire. The best part of Nando’s is that you are on your own and thus you don’t have to wait for anyone. There are specific stations where you get whatever you like from Bottomless yogurt, different cold drinks, arrays of Peri-Peri Sauces, Ice and water, have anything and as much as you like. The self-help procedure is a good way to explore the place and enjoy your food quickly unlike other restaurants. And here is the best part that they don’t add any service charge on your bill, when you only just place your order and food is served by them.
The food was delicious to look and eat. It’s like a food art placed on your table. Their famous Peri-Peri Chicken is a must try with crispy Potato Wedges. When you place your order, they will ask you how hot would you like to have your chicken according to which they will spice it up since their famous African Bird’s Eye Chilli is the hottest and spiciest chillies, so it is advisable to choose your level of spice wisely.
Now Nando’s at their Punjabi Bagh outlet is celebrating their first birthday with Food and Beer Carnival. The festival has started already and will continue till 1st of August where you will get Beer at Re. 1. They have quite a collection of Beers and Wines. And it was a pleasure to be part of their celebration. I ordered Peri-Peri Chicken Off-bone Espetada Carnival with Potato Wedges and Three Beans Salad. You can choose as you please there are plethora of side dishes present in the menu. For desserts I had Chocolate cake, since I am a chocolate fanatic. The amount was huge for me, sadly I couldn’t complete it.
You can see the making of your food through the live kitchen, the food will be served hot at your table, choose your sauces according to your tastes and then gorge on the deliciousness. The food was absolutely yummy and I want to mention about the dessert, Chocolate cake which was delightfully soft and tasty.
To me the whole experience at Nando’s Punjabi Bagh was more than pleasurable. I would suggest each one to pay visit there and enjoy their sumptuous meal amidst South African ambience. I am sharing my experience with you all so that you could also enjoy and experience the same. Sharing is the best way to say thank you or as people in Mozambique say Bom Proveito!
P.S.: You should visit now as they are celebrating their first birthday. This is the time to enjoy their food with beer at Re. 1, sip, eat and relax.


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